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u disk anti-virus folder effective? How to build files in the u disk anti-virus?

The acceleration of the process of information, people pay more and more attention to the safety of information, but for the u disk security protection can not be ignored. Protect u disk security, the traditional antivirus software is no way to professional and authoritative usb security antivirus killing u disk virus, so you must choose a professional u disk antivirus tools-u disk antivirus experts can create u disk antivirus folder, let u disk from virus infection.

In fact, when we plug the usb device installed in the u disk antivirus expert computer, usbkiller will automatically check the system, and then remove the virus, only completely safe, you will be prompted to open the folder. In addition, u disk antivirus experts will form an immune disk in your system automatically install u disk anti-virus folder aurorun.inf folder to prevent the invasion of the virus. Such an immunization, so that your u disk has been in the state of immune protection, transfiguration as anti-virus u disk, u disk file antivirus is equivalent to giving users a second-tier protection. Now u disk antivirus software is mainly installed on the computer, if you are not installed u disk antivirus software used in your u disk there is the risk of virus infection.

The u disk antivirus experts will provide you with such an anti-virus software that can be installed on usb virus remover the u disk, so that your u disk anytime, anywhere protection! If you are still worried about their u disk is a virus invasion, then now quickly download genuine usbkiller file in the u disk anti-virus, u disk to enjoy your true vip service. Your information security, we come to protect!


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