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"Where's daddy" let me first meet virus

"Dad where to go" should be regarded as the most popular recently a variety show, which star daddy and lovely star baby also attracted me, each program must-see. Because I usually work very busy, so are the use of the night after work to see home. After a period of broadcast but unfortunately encountered a failure of the home network cable, no way to let a colleague to help me download down, thinking to copy back to see with u disk.

After several twists and turns my colleagues finally helped me successfully downloaded, I am pleased to copy u usb security antivirus disk ready to take home a good look. But later things made me "destined" to know virus. Just arrived, unceremoniously to open the computer into the u disk, open the "dad wherever" relish it looks. Finally read this period, the border player, but also thinking about the next issue of children will experience what kind of thing, do not know virus has attacked my computer. After the closing off want to u disk in the program saved to your computer for later you can see, the problem is, right-click, then appeared the following scene: Right-click menu in the "auto" let me my heart Surprised! Could this be the legendary virus? So do not dare click, began to call a friend to repair the computer. Into the analysis, the final conclusion by the spread of u disk, my computer infected with virus. This virus is generally used to kill antivirus software is not enough, you need to use a special u disk antivirus experts to deal with.

So I immediately downloaded u disk antivirus expert USBKiller, this operation is very simple. Select "scan virus", then check all the scanned objects, click "start scanning". After the end of the scan, the scan results display area will display the specific name of the virus found, path, portable antivirus processing results and other information. Really thanks to the u disk antivirus experts, help me get rid of the virus, let me safely safe escape the computer, then u disk really be careful.


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