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Where can I find available autorun killing tool?

What is Autorun?

We use CD to see DVD, e-books are the use of autorun files. Autorun, which means "autorun," is an autorun file command for windows systems that is used primarily for the automatic operation of mobile devices, which are now exploited by many viruses for their convenience. When you double-click to open the drive letter can not be opened, or you choose to open the window, or open in a new window, and right-click the disk found two additional auto is auto-play, then your computer or U disk has been in the autorun virus.

autorun virus principle:

Users usually double-click to open the disk, and this virus is to take advantage of this, when you double-click the virus will automatically run, double-click can not be opened, only the right key can be opened, reinstall the system or will be affected by the virus. In the autorun virus, the autorun virus will spread to each disk, your QQ account, online accounts, bank accounts, etc. are likely to be stolen, usb security antivirus it is terrible thing.


Method One: Insert the U disk, hold down the shift key until the system shows that the device is ready for use.

Method two: open the U disk, it is best not to use double-click to open, to use Windows Explorer open. Open "My Computer", click the folder button on the toolbar or start ? Programs ? Accessories ? Windows Explorer open Windows Explorer, and then through the left tree directory to open the U disk file.

Method three: Click Start ? Run, enter gpedit.msc. Click Computer Configuration ? Administrative Templates ? System, double-click Turn Off Autoplay to the right, select All Drives, then select Enabled, and then press OK.

Method 4: Create Autorun.inf in each disk folder, and set to read-only and hidden attributes, as the same name under the disk files and folders can only exist one, so use this trick to prevent the virus to generate auturun virus .

Although the above method is feasible, but only a simple prevention of autorun virus, the portable antivirus virus is now very cunning, they will create your autorun.inf folder deleted or renamed, so to hide the deeper virus, these methods would be useless It's In order to completely remove the autorun virus, you have to use a professional autorun killing tools Caixing. U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), it can not only quickly and comprehensively scan and kill auturun virus, oso virus, autorun.vbs virus and other U disk virus, but also be able to repair the file attributes and inaccurate settings tampered with. At the same time can be immune to U disk, to prevent U disk poisoning invasion, how to use U disk antivirus experts remove autorun virus, you can click here to check.


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