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What is the autorun.exe virus?

Today we introduce a very common virus, is the autorun.exe virus. The virus is mainly through the U disk and other mobile storage devices infected. In the poisonous U disk stored an autorun.inf file and a similar Recycle Bin folder, in the folder there is an autorun.exe and Recycle Bin icon. If you insert the U disk can not double-click to open, and right-click the U drive letter, right-click the first few lines of the menu are in English, which shows that your U disk has been in the autorun.exe virus, and when you double-click The autorun.exe usb virus remover virus has been spread to your computer. Now when you double-click the drive letter of each disk, it appears autorun, but the disk can not be opened. If you set Show All Files and Show Protected Operating System Files in the Folder Options, you will find autorun.exe and autorun.inf under each partition.

In the autorun., Exe virus, your computer CPU usage will greatly increase, that is to say your computer will become very card. Open the Task Manager, your computer will for no reason more wincfgs.exe process and rose virus. The virus may delete the WORD file under each disk. More serious situation is that autorun, exe virus has a great chance of causing some operating system crashes, symptoms are unable to enter the system after POST, has been repeatedly rebooted. The first option in the AutoPlay dialog box when you insert a uDisk is no longer a play function, but a program in this uDisk.

Autorun.exe virus does not make you a headache, the headache is that the virus is difficult to completely remove, because many antivirus software virus database does not have the virus. Completely safe removal of autorun.exe should use a professional portable antivirus anti-virus software. U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) is to kill autorun, exe virus essential weapon.

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