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What is the auto.exe virus?

Auto.exe virus, also known as "snow" virus, it is mainly through U disk and other removable storage media to spread. Some websites, maliciously add such a virus on the web, when you click into the site, it is easy in the virus.

In the auto.exe virus, the computer all the disks or a disk select double-click will not open, right choice, there will be "AUTO" message appears in the local drive "refused to visit" message. There are two files for autorun.inf and sxs.exe or * .exe named after their suffix in the root directory of the disk. Right-click the taskbar, open the Task Manager, you will find two abnormal processes usb scanner antivirus in the process, SXS.EXE or SVOHOST.EXE process.

After poisoning, do not double-click to open the U disk, because this way, the virus has been automatically run, your computer will be infected. auto.exe virus will automatically update, resulting in many variants. In addition, the virus will automatically download Trojans in the background, and will be downloaded from time to time, resulting in many of their accounts were stolen. A few days later you will find the operating system can not start, it is because the virus deleted the system NTDETECT.COM file. Therefore, timely and complete removal of this virus, in order to ensure the safety of the computer.

Although the virus is a very common virus, the Auto.exe virus can not completely remove such viruses due to its high infectious speed and infectivity. Some anti-virus softwares can not even detect such viruses.

After many tests, finally find an effective solution to auto.exe virus Zhuanshagongju, U usb security antivirus disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), the software can detect the auto.exe virus detected effectively, and its one-click delete from the root. For common folders in the network Thousands of U disk virus such as exe virus can also effectively detect killing, comes with U disk immunity tools, effectively solve the U disk virus invasion, the real protection of U disk from U disk virus persecution.

How to use U disk antivirus experts killing auto.exe virus can click here to view.

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