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What is autorun virus? How to deal with it?

Autorun virus is a U disk virus, which means "autorun," an automatically-run file command for windows systems that is used primarily for the automatic operation of mobile devices and is now used by many viruses for its convenience.

Common Autorun.inf is not a virus, this is a file for automatic playback, for example, we use the CD to see DVD, e-books are used autorun file. But if it is used by the autorun virus, it is an autorun virus that threatens the computer.

autorun virus symptoms:

When you double-click to open the drive letter will find that can not be opened, or open in a new window, or appear to let you choose to open the window, and right-click the disk found two additional, auto is automatically play, then you can determine, Your computer or USB drive is in the autorun virus.

autorun virus principle:

Users usually double-click to open the disk, and this virus is to take advantage of usb security antivirus this, you double-click the virus will automatically run, double-click can not be opened, only the right key can be opened, reinstall the system or will. In the autorun virus, autorun virus will spread to each disk, your QQ account, online accounts, bank accounts, etc. are likely to be stolen, it is a terrible thing. Then how to solve it?

To deal with this U disk virus, you should use professional killing U disk virus software. U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) is easy to use the latest autorun virus Zhuanshagongju. It can fully scan and kill auturun virus, oso virus, autorun.vbs virus and other U disk virus, and be able to repair the files and systems modified by the virus. You can also prohibit the U disk automatically play to prevent U disk poisoning.

How to use U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) killing and removing autorun virus?

1, the first online download the latest version of autorun kill-U disk antivirus expert (USBKiller), you portable antivirus can download free of charge on the U disk antivirus expert website:

2, put the poisonous U disk and other removable storage devices into the computer, and then open the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3, select the need to scan the object, a total of memory, local hard drive, removable storage device three options, preferably all selected, and then click on "start scanning":

Autorun virus killing tool will kill the computer and the U disk virus, the end of the scan, you can see in the taskbar scan results.

U disk antivirus experts is not just a professional autorun Zhuanshagongju, and can also kill folders exe thousands of U disk virus. Using U disk antivirus experts to remove autorun virus is no longer a difficult task.

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