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What is Ravmon virus?

In the U disk virus Encyclopedia of this talk, we will know what is the Ravmon virus? Ravmon virus on our computers, U disk, MP3 / 4, memory card hazards.

The Ravmon virus, the Ravmon.exe virus, is a common worm that propagates rapidly and is often spread by devices such as compact discs and USB sticks. The virus and Rising real-time monitoring program SHELL the same name to confirm whether Ravmon.exe is a virus:

1, Ravimon view the phenomenon:

Click on the ravmon.exe folder found no matter how many clicks, can not be opened, right-click, select open, or open the folder, if instead through the Start menu, select Run, you can open, this shows This Ravmon virus is a benign virus;

2. Confirm Ravmon virus:

In the Start menu, click Run, type cmd, click OK, will be to the DOS interface. usb security antivirus Open a drive letter, type dir / a, will see all the folders under the directory, if you find a ravmon.exe in the folder, in the DOS interface, enter "attrib ravmon.exe", you will see The folder's properties, if it shows SHR, it means this is a Ravmon virus.

Ravmon virus will continue to copy itself, and has a strong contagious, when the user opens portable antivirus the computer hard drive, the computer will run faster and slower, even in the process of Ravmon.exe file, or after a while, at you U disk appears called RavmonLog file, which are described in the Ravmon virus.

In the U disk, Ravmon virus will appear as Ravmon.exe folder, infected with the virus, the user can not eject the USB device, even after knowing Ravmon virus, can not format, so that many users feel More headache. How to kill this kind of virus, please click here, check the good Ravmon virus killing tool.


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