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What anti-virus software can completely delete autorun.inf?

Now the use of U disk has become more and more popular, and some bad people do a lot of viruses for U disk, causing people to poisoning U disk, resulting in U disk data loss or U disk damage directly. Autorun.inf is a lot of U disk viruses that have appeared in recent years. So how can we correctly identify whether the computer in the autorun.inf virus?

When you double-click the U disk, not in the current window open, but in a new window to open it. And right-click the U disk appears the first command is Auto rather than open then the possibility of U disk poisoning is great. At this point we then enter in the address bar X: \ autorun.inf (X replaced by the letter you need to enter), open the file in the open file behind the file is displayed sxs.xls.exe such a file, then Your computer is definitely poisoned. So what files can delete autorun.inf? I tried a lot of software, the effect is not ideal, often immediately delete the current, restart the computer, autorun.inf appeared again. Later colleagues recommended to me a autorun.inf Zhuansha kill-U disk usb scanner antivirus antivirus experts. I spent a moment, feeling good results.

U disk antivirus experts - USBKiller, formerly known as U disk virus killing tools, it is a U disk virus tailored made of domestic software. U disk antivirus experts using SuperClean highly effective anti-virus engine, to Autorun.inf virus, beautiful game virus, OSE virus, killing more than 1,200 kinds of viruses.

U disk antivirus experts then how to easily delete autorun.inf it? We usb virus remover observe and observe through an actual list.

1. First go to the U disk antivirus expert free download U disk antivirus expert USBkiller:

2 will contain autorun.inf U disk, MP3 and other removable storage devices into the computer, open the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3. Select the object you want to kill autorun.inf, including a total of memory, local hard drive, removable storage 3 kinds of options, the best three kinds of options are hooked. Then click "Start Scanning:

U disk antivirus experts (USBkiller) is scanning and will clear the scanned virus, if you find autorun.inf, U disk antivirus experts will be the appropriate treatment.

4. End of the scan, Autorun.inf kill-U disk virus experts will show in the results column to kill all the autorun.inf virus.

Use Autorun.inf kill - U disk antivirus expert Clear autorun.inf is so easy and efficient, really is our "doctor" of U disk. U disk antivirus experts can antivirus, but also immune virus, building a Maginot line for your computer. U disk antivirus experts can monitor and manage your process. If your system malicious malicious tampering, you can also use U disk antivirus experts to repair. Learn more about USB Killer here:


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