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USB flash drive repair tool - U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) use

Now U disk and other removable media has become an important way to spread the virus, inadvertently your computer will be infected with some Trojans, viruses. After poisoning, U disk information, passwords, accounts and other important information is lost, people sad. U disk virus disguised as a system file automatically hidden, or disguised as other files exist, but also the use of Window's vulnerability hidden folders.

So, how to repair the USB flash drive? After multiple verification, I think it is usb virus remover more professional U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), it is a homemade software tailored for U disk virus, is a specialized U disk repair tool. U disk antivirus experts using SuperClean powerful anti-virus engine, not only effective prevention and killing ose.exe virus, beautiful game virus, vbs virus and other viruses, but also on the USB flash drive repair, has a good repair function.

How to use U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) U disk repair it? Please refer to the following steps:

1, first to U disk antivirus expert website free download and install U disk antivirus experts:

2, please put the poisonous U disk into the computer, and then open the U disk antivirus experts.

3, select the need to scan the object, a total of local hard disk, memory, removable storage devices three, all recommended to choose, and then click on "start scanning":

4, open the main interface, click Repair System on the left, select "Select All", click "Start Repair" can make the file or data back to the original settings. You can fix the "can not display hidden files or folders", "double-click can not open the disk" and "U disk can not run antivirus software" and so on.

After the repair is completed, the following prompt will appear:

How, U disk antivirus experts U disk repair great? In fact, U disk repair tool-U disk anti-virus experts portable antivirus (USBKiller) can not only detect the U disk virus and repair, more importantly, immune U disk, U disk virus from the root cause of the invasion.

Learn more here about USB flash drive repair tool - USB flash drive expert (USBKiller) information:


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