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USBKiller U disk experts use the full resolution

USB Killer anti-virus experts - USBKiller versatile, in order to prevent some users do not understand the USBKiller function, I do not know how to use the situation, today Xiaobian USBKille to conduct a full-resolution, leading us to better understand USBKiller, better For your own computer defense U disk virus! After downloading the USBKiller file compression package, you can unzip the U disk antivirus and then installed to your computer, mobile hard disk or U disk inside. Then you can directly open the USBKiller trial, it should be noted that if your computer has not yet inserted a removable hard disk or USB drive, this time the USBKiller is not open. It can be seen USBKiller this software interface is simple, many functions, the most important is a free trial! Scan virus function. Scan system memory, local hard drive, and removable storage, this feature is equivalent to a small anti-virus software!

Repair system functions. This feature can be restored by malicious malicious changes to the file, improve the system settings modified by the virus, Xiaobian tried U disk antivirus software with system repair function is not much, we can use the system after scanning the virus Repair, repair some lost files, solve some computer problems caused by viruses. USBKiller not only autorun Zhuanshagongju, it can also repair more than 1,000 kinds of U disk virus files.

U disk tool features. Lock and unlock the USB flash drive, unlock the USB flash drive, and ensure that you can safely open or copy files on other computers; the security settings can prevent some U disk thieves from secretly using usb virus remover your USB storage device to steal valuable data. Achieve 100% safety protection.

Process Management. Can be understood as a small windows task manager, you can query some unknown process, found unknown process will be prompted, if you are active modifications, you can trust the unknown process, otherwise you can terminate the process, prohibit the further spread of the virus .

Report a virus. If you can find the virus, you can choose to manually upload or automatic detection, Xiaobian tried to upload a new virus in the past, 5 hours to update the virus database, we can see USBKiller its ability to work.

In general, USBKiller compared to the general U disk antivirus portable antivirus tools, the function is still very good! USBKiller also has the ability to work automatically in the background, accounting for very few system resources, not only can scan the virus can also repair the system, for computer maintenance personnel or often use U disk, mobile hard disk workers, USBKiller is undoubtedly a good choice.


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