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U disk virus killing tool to help you quickly solve the folder poisoning problem

U disk often used to know that U disk is one of the most vulnerable to infection EXE virus folder, there are many variations of this virus species, it is difficult once eradicated, once the U disk access to different computers, will be infected with this virus . So how to deal with this situation? Use u disk exe virus Zhuanshagongju. There are many folders virus, "SXS2.exe" virus, "important information. Exe" virus, for example, their form is:

Generally see this situation, your U disk internal data will be lost or part of the file usb virus remover can not be opened, it shows that your U disk virus. General anti-virus software is no way to put the root cause of this virus, anti-virus software and some even lose data inside the U disk, causing some inconvenience to the user, so encounter this virus, be sure to use u Disk exe virus killing tools, u disk antivirus software which is better? We can go to the official download this u virus killing tool; download is complete, follow the prompts to install, and then we will be able to see this interface above.

Open this interface, click Start Scanning to be able to appear the following interface; U disk virus killing tool will scan the virus carrying U disk, so that we can clearly see which of your U disk infected with this file EXE virus, and then follow the prompts to deal with these viruses. This interface is u disk exe virus killing tools to kill out of U disk which carry EXE virus, the system default setting is to kill out the virus, directly to clear, do not need portable antivirus to remind users, if we want to deal with these viruses Then it can be set in the Zhuanshagongju settings, so once the killing virus to remind the user is cleared.


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