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U disk to easily solve the problem of write protection

Sometimes we will encounter such a problem, that is, when we want to manipulate the files inside our USB flash disk, we are prompted to say that the disk is write protected. Please remove the write protection or use another disk. Many people are very confused and do not know how to solve this problem.

Faced with this issue, we first look at the write-protected this U disk is not write-protected switch, take a look at the write-protected switch is turned on, resulting in disk write protection, if it is off, if not, Then we have to consider is not the other reason. If it is determined that the U disk hardware is write-protected, then we have to consider whether it is a virus, or our computer security settings. If this is the case we'd better use some tools to kill the virus, and turn off the computer write-protect settings on the U disk. U disk usb security antivirus antivirus expert is a professional software designed to kill U disk, you can also provide U disk virus killing, system repair and other functions, for the U disk write protection of this issue, we can use U disk antivirus experts provide U disk tools Inside the security settings options, where you can modify the system write-protect operation on the U disk. In order to prevent others and the use of USB devices, viruses endanger the safety of our computer information, you can set here to prohibit the read and write USB devices. We can open the U disk antivirus experts, check here is not hooked, hooked out here canceled, so that the system set up the U disk write protection operation.

When we set our security settings, we then check the system virus checking to see usb virus remover if there is a U disk virus, so the prohibition of the operation of the USB device is the U disk write protection. This will prevent us from setting up the virus will set our system to prohibit U disk read and write operations. This can completely solve the problem of U disk write protection. U disk antivirus experts also have system repair function, immune disk function, you can repair the file hidden by the virus can be generated under the disk autorun.inf folder to prevent the spread of Autorun.inf virus. U disk antivirus experts also provides a U disk can be installed inside the U disk version of anti-virus software, you can put the U disk inside, so no matter what computer, we have an anti-virus software, no longer have to worry about U disk Viruses jeopardize the safety of our files. U disk antivirus expert professional killing U disk virus, so that we no longer have to worry about U disk virus endanger the safety of our files, if you are still worried about the U disk file security, U disk is write protection can not operate, try U Antivirus experts disk it, easily solve these problems.


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