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U disk folder is hidden how to do?

As we use more and more U disk, but also more and more U disk virus threats, a variety of viruses have seriously jeopardized the security of our U disk file, U disk antivirus has arrived An urgent moment.

We often find our U disk poisoning, of course, we have to check the virus operation, and portable antivirus then you will find a lot of files are gone. But it shows that takes up a lot of storage space, this is mainly because the U disk folder is hidden. In fact, this type of virus is mainly misleading us to operate in order to achieve the spread of the virus, such as the more popular exe virus is such, this type of virus is to generate a .exe executable file and the name of our folder, and Our files are hidden. Most confusing is that some viruses will even have the same folder icon. This is very easy to confuse users, misleading us click to run, trigger the virus. In response to this virus, we use software designed to kill the U disk to kill the virus should also add a system repair operation, restore the files hidden by the virus, repair the system items that have been tampered with by the virus. U disk antivirus expert UKBKiller is a professional U disk Zhuanshagongju, you can kill more than a thousand stubborn U disk virus, you can usb virus remover also repair the system, restore the files hidden by the virus, repair the virus tampering system. First of all, we want to use U disk antivirus experts killing operation. Depth killing our U disk U disk virus, the virus cleared after we choose the system repair function, there are fixes can not display the hidden files and folders. We can choose all options for repair. In this way, we can repair the system items that the virus tampered with and display the files and folders hidden by the virus, so that the problem that the USB disk folder is hidden can be solved.

U disk antivirus experts also provide a disk for the Autorun.inf virus immune function. Using this feature, we can generate a autorun.inf immune folder under the specified disk, which can effectively prevent the spread of autorun.inf virus. U disk antivirus experts also provide some gadgets, when we use the U disk, in many cases will encounter a problem that is not safe to exit the U disk, U disk antivirus experts provide a function to unlock the U disk, which can help us safely exit U disk, but also according to our actual needs, prohibit U disk read and write operations to protect our file security. Most of the major anti-virus software is now installed on the computer disk. However, if a computer is not installed anti-virus software, it is very easy to be infected with the virus, and may spread the virus to the U disk, U disk antivirus experts have an anti-virus software installed on the U disk, U disk antivirus experts U disk version Can be installed in the U disk inside, so that no matter where our U disk inserted in a computer, they have a software designed to kill U disk to protect our U disk file security. U disk in our use more and more frequently, more and more important, how to get us away from U disk virus harm? How to prevent U disk folder is hidden? U disk anti-virus software, standalone version, U disk version of double insurance, to ensure that our U disk file security.


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