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U disk file recovery tool software _ data _ how to solve U disk file does not show _u disk file is hidden how to do?

In the daily use of u disk, sometimes you find all the files in the u disk are gone, if it is not important data files, if it is a working file, then it may be no tears. This happens, it is often possible to insert the u disk has been poisoned by the use of the computer, u disk so infected with the virus, the inside of the data file is deleted or hidden, resulting in u disk file is not displayed or lost. U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) is a professional U disk virus removal software, U disk file recovery tool. Not only can effectively remove the computer and the u disk infected with the virus, but also can help you quickly get back deleted hidden u disk data to solve u disk file usb virus remover is hidden, u disk file does not display the problem. 1. First download and install U disk file recovery tool to run.

2. If your u disk is in their own computer led to the file does not show or hidden lost, on behalf of the computer is also poisoned. Check all the options to clear the computer, u disk inside the virus; 3. If the u disk is used elsewhere and lost data files, check 'removable storage', U disk file recovery tool will scan to clear the virus , And restore u disk data files. Once found to be hidden, delete portable antivirus the u disk file or data, the following prompt will be displayed:

Click "immediately restore", U disk data recovery software will automatically repair and restore the deleted or hidden u disk file, u disk file does not appear to solve the problem of missing is as simple as: Download U disk file recovery tool, insert U Disk, scan can quickly try it.


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