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U disk file disappeared how to solve

Now basically everyone will have a U disk, in the U disk, we are loaded with what we are very important, perhaps the company's statements, or some of their own personal information, many of the files are not want to be others I saw it. Since these U disk files are portable, it is certainly the most important. However, we used U disk people know that with the U disk for a long time, do not know how some of the information inside disappeared? That is the U disk virus. So be sure to antivirus for their U disk with a U usb scanner antivirus disk antivirus software, can not let our important documents disappear in the void. What anti-virus software we want to use it, since it is U disk poisoning, of course, we need to use professional anti-virus software. That is U disk antivirus experts, this excellent U disk antivirus software you will love. Let's see how this is used. First anti-virus should be targeted, since it is U disk, then we must anti-virus U disk. And also increased the killing of the virus folder. Sometimes we find a lot of bizarre folder u, we know the usefulness of these folders? We do not know, then it is possible that these are viruses, we need to kill. Sometimes some of our file files are stored in the USB flash drive for a long usb security antivirus time, and we will find that we are different from the original. At this time, we can recover the files in the USB flash drive by using the USB flash drive antivirus. Now you are afraid U disk poisoning it.

Now there to install this U disk antivirus software, you can always anti-virus, no longer afraid of the loss of these files.


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