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U disk data recovery tool for your recovery U disk lost files

Now a lot of u disk users will encounter due to virus infection caused the disappearance of the stored data, how to repair u disk data? U disk antivirus expert USBKiller, in addition to help you remove the u disk virus, it is also a u disk data repair tool! Take a look at how to use this u disk data recovery tool to repair u disk. U disk antivirus experts to open this u disk data recovery tools, you can see the function selection bar on the left side of the software, select "repair system" here, you can officially start the u disk data to be repaired.

After entering the Repair System interface of the u disk data recovery tool, you can see the usb security antivirus repair options of many files in the function list. In the column of "Fix the damage caused by virus infection and incorrect settings", find "Restore u Disk inside the file "and then click the left mouse button on the left side of this option to check, click the bottom of the list after the" Start Repair ", the software will automatically repair the data on the u disk.

In addition to virus infection, improper operation is one of the important reasons for the loss of u disk data. To this end, u disk antivirus experts this software also provides users with many small user-friendly settings, so that we will not cause data loss due to improper operation. First click on the "u disk tool" option in the left interface bar of the software, then you can see the "unlock u disk" option. When the user unplug the u disk, there "can not safely delete the hardware" situation, just click "unlock immediately" you can safely exit to usb virus remover prevent u disk damage.

U disk antivirus experts USBKiller not only has a powerful u disk virus killing function, but also a u disk data repair tools, powerful features and user-friendly settings, has been the pro-Lai majority of users, is your life and career A good helper, your u disk more secure.


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