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U disk can not format what is the reason? How to solve?

Formatting is also called initialisation. After the flash drive (u disk, mp3, etc.) is formatted, it can be recognized and used by the system. If you need to delete the entire contents of the disk, then use the format method is relatively fast and convenient.

U disk can not be formatted symptoms:

The system can be found U disk, but when you are prompted to open: "the disk is not formatted, want to format it now?" Press OK, there will be "can not format" message, tried N times, Really collapse. What causes it in the end?

U disk can not be formatted reason:

1, mobile hard disk or U disk, resulting in data corruption.

2, U disk poisoning, such as gray pigeons, auto virus, killing the virus is not complete or the virus will U disk system file damage.

3, operating system or unconventional usb scanner antivirus operation (such as incompatible read and write equipment).

4, there are some U disk with a small switch, if set to lock mode, then become a read-only mode, can not write and format.


This situation is only low lattice can effectively repair U disk, but such a repair tool will destroy U disk all the data, including partitions and passwords, but only for U disk formatting errors to be repaired. This is a U disk can not be used when you can try to repair, under normal circumstances it is recommended not to use.

After a lot of experimental research, I feel that the use of U disk portable antivirus antivirus experts (USBKiller) is effective, the software is a domestic professional U disk virus killing tool that can easily solve the U disk can not format the problem, and repair caused by a virus infection Damage and inaccurate settings, but also to fully scan the virus and killing auturun virus, oso virus, autorun.vbs virus and other U disk virus, at the same time can be U disk immunization, U disk to prevent virus invasion, fundamentally U disk to ensure the safety of use.

How to use U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) U disk can not be formatted? Please refer to the following methods:

1, the first online download the latest version of the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), you can download free U disk antivirus expert website:

2, the U disk and the computer connected to open U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3, select the need to scan the object, a total of memory, local hard drive, removable storage devices three options, all recommended selected, click on "start scanning":

U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) can be left in the computer and U disk and other removable storage devices U disk virus, killing completely, and will show killing results.

4, using its "repair tool", you can repair many due to the U disk virus destroyed files or configuration. Such as:

At this point, U disk can not be formatted on the issue have to be solved, in addition, the software sometimes real-time defense, real-time protection U disk from persecution of the virus is the largest killer U disk virus.


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