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U disk automatic anti-virus software to protect U disk file security

U disk has become indispensable in our daily work as a file storage device, with the development of information technology, computer security and protection has become more and more important. A variety of viruses threaten the security of our file data, especially mobile storage devices such as USB flash drives, which are more vulnerable to viruses. How to ensure the security of the files in the USB flash drive has become a recognized problem . Many people pin their hopes on antivirus software. 360, Jinshan, Kaspersky, are the first to consider the software. But they overlooked a problem. That is the anti-virus software, although anti-virus performance is good. But when killing U disk virus slightly usb virus remover less than the time, because they are professional killing computer viruses. The U disk virus and computer viruses, in the form of transmission and virus characteristics have different places. Therefore, these anti-virus software for ordinary computer viruses have a good effect, but for some stubborn U disk virus is not too good killing effect. In killing U disk virus software considerations, we have to choose a better professional killing U disk virus software, U disk antivirus expert is a U disk designed to kill U disk automatic anti-virus software. U disk virus detection, U disk virus killing, disk immunity and other functions. Below we specifically look under the U disk antivirus experts specific functions. As long as we put the U disk into the installed U disk antivirus expert computer. U disk antivirus experts will automatically detect whether there is U disk virus. If there is U disk virus will immediately kill.

We choose to clear the virus, open the U disk. This time the software will automatically delete the virus, and open the U disk. This is the U disk automatic anti-virus software can give us the benefits of the virus is not running before the removal of the virus, so that we can ensure the safety of our U disk file. Also avoid the U disk virus spread to the computer. U disk antivirus experts out of the plug in the U disk automatically detect killing U disk virus. We can also immunize our disks. Automatically generate an autorun.inf file in the disk directory we specified immune. This avoids the autorun virus from compromising our computer. U disk antivirus experts can also use some gadgets to protect the safety of U disk files. For example, the U disk file can be prohibited from being read or written, so as to effectively prevent possible residual virus from running in the U portable antivirus disk and effectively prevent the virus in the computer from intruding the U disk. Our U disk virus is most likely unplugged in some unprotected computer, causing the virus, in this regard, U disk antivirus experts can provide a U disk can be installed on the U disk version of the anti-virus software , So no matter what computer operation. Have a guard to protect the U disk. In the information age, the safety of documents can not be ignored. We have to keep in mind that U disk viruses pose a hazard to our files. We need to immediately install a USB flash drive for our U disk antivirus software to protect the safety of our files.


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