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U disk antivirus experts what are the features?

Warm new year is coming, when people are happy to plan how to spend this happy holiday, Chen Hua in that miserable, why, she U disk photos, data, design programs are all infected with the virus, but her The result of one year's labor was completely trampled by this damn virus. We are not also encountered a similar situation, how to prevent the occurrence of such "cup", then you need a good U disk virus killed. Which anti-virus software is better, the following Xiaobian on the market several mainstream U disk Zhuanshagongju to make a comparative analysis, currently on the market currently there are U disk antivirus experts, U disk virus killing tool USBcleaner , U disk kill assistant (AutoRun.inf kill).

Above we mainly on the three software occupy system resources, anti-virus types, scanning usb virus remover rate of three types of projects tested to ten full scale, the more points the better. From the figure we can clearly see that U disk antivirus experts in terms of occupying system resources, anti-virus types, or scan rate point of view, the score is the highest, no doubt U disk antivirus experts is now a better U disk killing It's So good a U disk Zhuansha, you must want to know what it extraordinary in the end, I will give you a detailed description of the next friendly interface First U disk antivirus expert interface is very humane, at a glance , It is very simple and convenient to operate. Two powerful features 1 comprehensive scan: support for scanning objects are: memory, local hard disk, U disk, you can find the current popular nearly 1,200 U disk virus

2 efficient killing: complete killing folder EXE, Auto.exe, VBS virus, U disk folder is hidden more than 1200 kinds of U disk virus, effectively protect the security of the computer and U disk.

3 immune U disk: automatically detect and remove the virus inserted into the U disk, stop the virus infected by the U disk computer, so that we do not have to worry about other people infected with U disk infected our computer.

4 Automatic Recovery: Some anti-virus software anti-virus, the virus infected files and portable antivirus the system will be removed together, this will result in the loss of system and data, and U disk antivirus experts automatically kill U disk after killing poison lost, hidden Files, and fix system configuration

5U disk tools: U disk tool has two very personal features 1) unlock the U disk: we sometimes remove the U disk from the computer, there will be "unable to stop the device" "universal volume is in use" and so on , But after we checked and did not find the U disk file is in use, forced to directly pull out under the circumstances, this may result in the loss of U disk information. The use of U disk antivirus expert unlock function can be a very good deal with this problem. 2) Security Settings: Set "Do not use any USB storage device" and "Do not write data to USB device". Other people can not use any removable storage device on your computer. You do not need to worry about your data Stolen, but also can effectively prevent others U disk virus infected your computer.

6 Process Management: Some viruses are very cunning, it disguised as the process of your system, let the computer unconsciously infected. The process management allows you to easily view the process, distinguish the process is safe, and can quickly identify and terminate suspicious programs in the system.

7 Support Equipment: U disk antivirus experts can support many devices, such as U disk, mobile hard disk, mobile phone memory card, MP3, MP4 and other devices, can be said that you are a small number of small storage devices intimate nanny. 8 compatible software: Generally only one anti-virus software can be installed on the computer, but U disk antivirus experts can be compatible with other anti-virus software, with its use, so that your computer and U disk can get the most comprehensive protection. This is the U disk antivirus experts, set a number of powerful and useful features in one, with it, the virus is no longer terrible, this year's new year your U disk will be the happiest protagonist. Want to have it, come to


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