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U disk antivirus software which is better? What are the best U disk killing tools?

U disk is an indispensable electronic product in our daily work. We often store important file data in the U disk, but if we inadvertently let the U disk infect the virus, it will damage our data. Pretty big. And because U disk virus and ordinary computer viruses have this different characteristics, it can not anti-virus software is not easy to kill out. So we need to find a professional killing U disk virus software, U disk antivirus software which is good? Do not hurry to the conclusion, we look at the current love of usb scanner antivirus the mainstream network U disk antivirus software features comparison. The first appearance is cattle U disk antivirus software.

We do not have to do any test, we can see from this interface. 2 buttons, 2 functions. Killing, formatting. Each killing is completed, have to pop up a link to the cattle website window, people are disgusted. If you must give him a little bit, it is small, green, do not install. The second one we want to test is the U disk antivirus wizard.

U disk contrast anti-virus cattle, we can easily see that this paragraph has greatly usb security antivirus improved in function, though not out of the door, but the function of cattle than U disk immune function. This is enough to beat cattle U disk antivirus software. This anti-virus software is also green free installation. But still can not let us satisfied, because this function is still not enough, we need an anti-virus software that can truly protect us U disk. We have to continue to look for U disk antivirus software which is good. The third to play is USBCleaner.

This anti-virus software, I first do not want to say how the function, I would like to say advertising, advertising, endless pop-up window, such software, how strong function, I will also pass directly. Well, we still objectively said that under his function. Yes, a great improvement in functionality, an increase of system recovery and disk compilation, killing the virus has greatly improved the depth of the performance has a great advantage. However, you want to see the endless pop-up ads as soon as you open the software, or at least I hate it. Although this software has great advantages in performance, but lost in advertising. Next we say U disk antivirus expert USBKiller.

This U disk antivirus soft A provides U disk immunity, system repair, process management, and other functions. Has a great advantage in function, compared to the previous software, in almost the same function, this software wins no advertising, this advantage above. USBKiller provides a very useful gadget, such as unlocking the U disk safe exit, prohibit read and write operations to the U disk, to prevent the automatic use of auto virus and other functions. Repair system options can quickly repair the virus damage the system options. Also provides process management capabilities, this feature can easily manage our system processes. Terminate unknown processes at any time. If you want to say that this software is not as good as the above several places, that is, USBKiller stand-alone version is to be installed, not free installation. Fortunately, however, there is a version of this software for us to choose, that is U disk version. U disk version of the USBKiller directly extract to U disk on it. So we carry a professional Autorun.inf Zhuanshagongju download. Even on a computer without any security software protection, we do not have to worry about our own data security. U disk antivirus software which is better? Everyone has a different idea, but the software we're looking for must be a full-fledged, self-contained Autorun killing tool that's functional, green, and non-pop-up.


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