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U disk Zhuanshagong 6.0 solution "can not safely remove the hardware" problem

U disk as a modern work aids, it has played a significant role in helping us to achieve the perfect transfer of computer data. The fly in the ointment is that we are ready to unplug the U disk after use, and sometimes we will be prompted to "unable to safely remove the hardware" problem encountered this situation, we often know what to do, do not ignore this prompt directly to the U disk pull If we lose, we will worry about the loss or loss of files in the USB disk. Think about how to solve this problem, and can not find a solution. Today, I recommend to you a USBKiller called U disk killing tool V3.1, this tool can help you quickly solve this problem. This u disk Zhuanshagongju V3.1 downloaded after you can install to your computer. After opening you will find that there is a "U disk tool" function. U disk killing tool V3.1 brought with usb security antivirus this "U disk tool" can help us to solve this problem, click on the future will find that there is a specific function on the right. The first is the U disk unlock function, the unlock function is to lift the U disk lock state, so that the U disk can safely exit to protect the data in our U disk will not be lost.

Sometimes we need to take some measures to protect the data in our computer from being easily removed by the U disk. You can use our USB flash disk killing tool V3.1 to facilitate the realization of this wish, the method usb virus remover may have been found, in that interface, there is a "security settings" feature, you can choose to "prohibit the use of any USB storage Device ", or" prohibit writing data to USB storage device ", then click" application setting ". U disk killing tools V3.1 really is a very easy to use software, it has many versions, I believe we can meet your different needs.


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