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The latest icon virus Zhuanshagongju download, provide professional icon virus Zhuanshagong

The icon virus is not a single virus, it will hide the real folder in the u disk, and produce a exe file with the same name as the folder, at the same time using the same icon in the folder, so that users can not justify the authenticity. At usb security antivirus this time, it is necessary to use the icon virus killing tool.

First, insert the u disk into the computer, open the icon virus killing utility usbkiller, and then select the need to scan the device, a total of memory, local disk and removable storage three options, all check, and then start scanning. Usbkiller will start scanning automatically and wait for a few minutes to report the antivirus results to you. If you want to fix the system properties changed by the virus, also open the icon virus killing software usbkiller, click Repair System, all checked inside the selection, and then click Start Repair. Similarly, in order to prevent you from being infected again by the folder icon virus, you can click on the immune u virus option, select the disk or u disk to immune, so that when you next use u disk, you no longer have to Worried about the u disk icon to become an exe file. Is not it easy? A few simple usb virus remover operation, a little mouse can realize the virus killing the folder with the same name, do not need how rich computer knowledge, idiot operation, use the icon virus killing software u disk antivirus experts let us all become computer experts!


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