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Method to clear the autorun virus

Autorun file is a Microsoft Windows system automatically run command files, mainly for u disk and other mobile storage devices run automatically. Many criminals accordingly, created a virus with autorun file features. The secret of the virus is very strong, u disk users unknowingly infected by the virus, a serious threat to the safety of the computer. How to clear the autorun virus file? This is the u disk user's problem. USBKiller is a professional u disk anti-virus software specifically for autorun virus, simple operation, usb scanner antivirus strong practicability, is the software of choice to clear the autorun virus. USBKiller's main interface is very simple, all functions at a glance, the preferred immunity u disk virus can be directly on the disk immunization, to prevent autorun file operation, thus clearing the autorun virus.

If you want to check the second killing to ensure the safety of u disk, the operation portable antivirus is also very simple, just click scan the virus in the beginning of the scan, the software will automatically begin to clear the autorun virus.

Do not worry if the computer is already infected with a virus and cause system damage. USBKiller has a system repair function that can help you to repair corrupted system files. In order to avoid the repair is not in place, it is recommended that click select, and then start the repair.

Usbkiller comes with a process management system that allows you to easily view the process and hide hidden autorun files. Further clear the hidden crisis brought by the autorun file.

USBKiller, in addition to clearing the autorun virus, there are many very intimate features that allow you to unplug u disk unsuccessful, you can immediately unlock, remove u disk safely, to avoid damage to the u disk. All of the key features of the USBKiller have been introduced. The USBKiller has a great effect on removing the autorun virus. It can ensure that you use the u disk safe storage of data, while protecting the privacy of data security! U disk security protection, the preferred USBKille!

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