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Let U disk is not poisoning method

I believe all those who have used the U disk, will encounter U disk virus infection U disk file situation. This can easily lead to the loss of our U disk files, which will have an unavoidable impact on our work and life. With the continuous development of information technology, more and more viruses point the finger at the USB flash drive with a relatively weak defense capability. How to ensure the safety of U disk file, how to make U disk is not poisoned. Has been put forward by more and more people and has become the primary issue to be solved so far. Because most of the major anti-virus software is aimed at the computer disk virus, this anti-virus software can play a role in protecting the U disk at a certain level, but in view of U disk virus and disk virus spread different ways, this is doomed A type of protection software can not completely usb scanner antivirus protect the U disk from virus invasion. If you want to fully protect the U disk file, so that the U disk is not poisoned, we have to use a dedicated software designed to kill U disk. U disk antivirus experts USBKiller is a professional U disk virus killing software, the use of U disk antivirus experts, we can in-depth killing more than a thousand stubborn U disk virus, so that our U-disk principle virus damage, you can also be restored Virus tampering system items, recovery U disk file.

When we run the U disk antivirus expert computer, as long as we insert U disk and other removable storage devices, U disk antivirus experts will automatically detect the U disk there is no virus threat. After ensuring the security, you will be prompted to open the U disk safely. Many times we will find the virus, our USB disk folder is hidden. , Even after killing the virus, the file can not be displayed, but it shows a certain amount of storage space, this is mainly because the virus will hide our U disk file. We need to use the U disk antivirus experts to repair system functions, fix our system items tampered with, and display the USB disk files hidden by U disk virus.

Currently mainstream anti-virus software is installed on the computer disk, but if our U disk in a portable antivirus non-installed protection software on the computer, there is a high probability of being infected with the virus, which in turn will affect our normal work. U disk antivirus experts provide a U disk version of anti-virus software, we can install this antivirus software inside the U disk, so that even if our U disk in an anti-virus software is not installed on a computer to work, do not have to worry about will be U disk Viral infection. U disk antivirus experts also provide disk immunity, U disk unlock, prohibit U disk read and write functions, to prevent the invasion of autorun.inf virus, pop-up U disk, and to prevent personal or virus use U disk endanger the computer files. U disk anti-virus experts, since then let U disk is not poisoned, so that we are not worried about the file is damaged by the virus to life, work in a stable and orderly manner to provide a guarantee.


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