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Learn how to detect u disk virus?

U disk as an indispensable work in our good helper, its convenient advantage is that we all see. With the increase in the use of u disk, the virus will see the pin as a communication bridge, between different computers began to spread wantonly. U disk virus destructive let us fear, whenever you want to use the u disk will be alert thinking, this u disk will not carry the virus yet. Xiaobian today to teach us how to detect u disk virus, no longer have to worry about U disk virus, u disk to become more intimate partner. In the u disk virus should know that u disk virus is not generally installed on our computer antivirus software can cope with such anti-virus software as 360, can only help me detect the virus, some u disk virus such as autorun virus, They are no way to kill, which requires us to use special killing u usb security antivirus disk virus software. There are many such software, personally think that U disk killing tool USBKiller is still good. With this software, you know how to detect the u disk virus. Just download USBKiller this software, installed on your computer, whenever we plug u disk it automatically help us detect whether this u disk carrying the virus. If detected once the virus, you can immediately remove it completely, we do not have to worry about the spread of the virus when using the u disk.

How to detect u disk virus I think you already know, right? But some people say that this is too much usb virus remover trouble, every time you use a new computer need to re-download, then install, feel wasting time. In fact, you do not have to worry about this issue, because this software in addition to stand-alone version there u disk version, that is, you can download a u disk version, installed on your u disk, so u disk, You can prevent your own u disk virus, you can directly kill any virus inside the computer, you can use the u disk free to use between different computers, and will not worry about the virus problem. I believe now how to detect u disk virus and successfully remove the virus is no longer a problem.


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