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Know how to kill Autorun it?

Do you know Autorun virus? Do you know how to kill Autorun? Do not know if it does not matter, Xiao Bian today we all said. On Autorun, in fact, we may not be very familiar with, in fact, it literally means "automatic operation", specifically, is a Microsoft Windows system file command, the reason why the development of the order, initially for the convenience of users to use mobile devices, But for a long time, Autorun has become a carrier of many viruses. Once the Autorun.inf file is found, it is necessary to see if it is a virus, right-click the file, view its properties, if it is 0 bytes, you do not need to deal with it, because Autorun.inf folder is anti-virus software or Zhuhai kill tools to create the immune file, mainly used to protect the system, to prevent the real U disk virus Autorun.inf run automatically and write to the system. If it is not 0 bytes Autorun.inf folder that is a virus, viruses and Trojans use Autorun.inf spread, invade the computer. Autorun virus found, how to kill Autorun? To solve this problem how to kill Autorun, first of all need to understand a software that U disk antivirus experts. This is a very cost-effective U disk usb scanner antivirus antivirus software that supports full scan of the virus, and section scanning U disk virus up to more than 1,200 species, fully meet the needs of users, once the killing of the virus, then you can Completely delete it, in addition, you can also take the initiative to defend against the virus, you can also view the specific process, but also support the U disk unlock function. Let's take a look at using U disk antivirus experts to solve how to kill Autorun. First, run the U disk antivirus experts, and then it will pop up the following interface:

To kill is the U disk virus, we must first select the object to be scanned, and then click the "Start portable antivirus Scan" button, once the U disk infected Autorun, then the bottom of the interface will appear corresponding to the results of the scan, the system will It's a comprehensive deletion, we through the "processing results" a column to view the process in real time. With U disk antivirus experts, we no longer have to fear U disk virus, and even Autorun, but also can easily be deleted. Mastered how to use U disk antivirus experts, we no longer have to worry about how to kill Autorun this issue.


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