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In the autorun inf virus how to do?

In the autorun.inf virus how to do? Maybe you have not encountered this problem yet, but just in case, you still have to pay attention. Xiao Bian today to tell you the solution in the autorun.inf virus, that is to use USBKiller u virus killing tool to clear. For the u disk virus killing tools, there is a story between me and it, things are like this: Once, with a few friends who have not seen for a long time shopping, in a clothing store, we fancy the store A skirt, and the boss after the bargain and bargaining, and usb security antivirus finally finally deal. All this looks very smooth, but the problem is coming when payment is made. The boss's computer in the autorun.inf virus, anxious do not know what to do. All her accounts and data this year are stored in the computer, the average 360 ??and some anti-virus software there is no way to clear the u disk virus such as autorun.inf. Saw this kind of situation, I am a happy heart, and the boss said autorun.inf virus I can help solve. A wife, happy, and asked how I want to do. Just because they usually have the habit of carrying u disk, took out the u disk into her computer, open their u disk installed USBKiller. Choose to scan the virus, the entire memory and local hard disk scanning, it is so easy to scan the virus out, the autorun.inf virus to clean up.

The boss looked at the computer data intact, in order to express my gratitude to the last payment, give me a lot portable antivirus of concessions. Before leaving, I deliberately asked my boss to go to the official website to download USBKiller installed on the computer can not be afraid of u disk virus and other hard-to-remove viruses. In the autorun.inf virus solution you know? Learn more skills, the key moment is playing an important role.


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