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How to use U disk antivirus experts to clear the folder exe virus?

In love with U disk to bring convenience to our lives at the same time, how to prevent U disk from the virus attack? How to remove folder EXE virus? Seems more important, u disk virus is like an invisible killer, you do not know where it came from, but if any of the proliferation, is bound to cause unpredictable results.

Here's how to use U disk antivirus experts to clear the folder EXE virus.

first step:

According to the need, choose their own U disk antivirus experts, the official version is divided into: U disk antivirus expert stand-alone version, U disk antivirus experts U disk version, U disk antivirus experts campus version, U disk antivirus expert Enterprise Edition.

For example, we choose U disk antivirus expert standalone version, after installation, click on the "About", will appear as follows:

Note: This version is not registered version, the user is using, can only check the virus, not anti-virus. How to buy the registration code, you can click to view how to buy U disk antivirus expert registration code

Step two:

U disk antivirus experts to remove the folder EXE virus, you can use any of usb security antivirus the following two methods to deal with.

1, open the main interface of U disk antivirus expert, click "Start Scan" appears as follows interface,

After the scan, the path of the folder EXE virus appears in the interface and the result of the processing is displayed.

2, select the "repair system" in the panel, select the following usb virus remover options are shown below, but also all options, click on "Start Repair" will be folder EXE virus damage to the folder recovery.

So simple, after installing genuine U disk antivirus experts, direct killing, or choose to repair the system, you can solve the folder EXE virus, more about U disk antivirus expert (USBKiller), you can learn more at the following URL!


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