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How to remove auto.inf virus?

U disk, have this experience? Download files from the Internet, the application of 360 and other antivirus tools, shows that there is no virus, but in the U disk into the computer, each disk, there is a nx.exe and auto.inf file, check the antivirus software Out of the virus. Want to delete and delete can not afford, what is going on? It turned out that this is caused by the auto.inf virus.

Auto.inf virus principle:

Spreads through the U disk, AUTO modify the registry, it generates a volume under each drive Autorun.inf file, as long as you double-click the drive, the virus will be activated, thus undermining your computer or U disk system files.

Clear auto.inf virus method:

1, manually clear:

Create a new folder, copy the name of the virus file, delete the virus file, quickly select the folder you just created, press F2, ctrl + v, carriage return, and then enter the registry, modify the key value checkvalue on it.

However, this method does not completely remove the virus, it is encrypted hidden and the background is protected, even if deleted at the time, you will find Autorun.inf file appears under each disk.

2, the use of professional anti-virus tools completely removed

U disk antivirus expert (USBKiller) is a specialized killing auto.inf virus tools, can usb scanner antivirus completely delete auto.inf, at the same time can be U disk immunization, to prevent the U disk again by the invasion of the virus. This software is a domestic software tailored for U disk virus. U disk antivirus experts using SuperClean highly effective anti-virus engine, able to Auto.inf virus, beautiful game virus, OSO virus, killing thousands of viruses.

How to use the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) to delete the auto.inf virus? Please refer to:

1, first go to the official website to download and install U disk antivirus expert USBkiller:

2, the U disk, phone memory card into the computer, and then open the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3, select the scope of the need to scan, including a total of memory, local hard drive, usb virus remover removable storage three options, preferably all selected, and then click on "start scanning":

4, the end of the scan, U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller) will be listed in the results column which includes killing all U disk virus, including Auto.inf, and directly display the results of virus processing.

Use Auto.inf kill - U disk antivirus experts Clear auto.inf is so easy and efficient, really our U disk "protector." U disk antivirus experts can monitor and manage your process, repair malicious malicious tampering with the system to protect the computer's security.

Learn more about USB flash drive here:


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