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How to get the machine code?

U disk antivirus experts USBKiller (former U disk virus killing tool) is a domestic professional U disk virus killing tools, it can detect killing more than 1,200 U disk virus, you can also take the initiative to U disk virus immune, repair System configuration corrupted due to virus. In addition it also provides some other U disk accessibility features, such as U disk usb virus remover unlock function, as well as process management.

In the purchase of u disk antivirus software registration code, you need to provide some information, the most important one is the machine code, we will fill in according to your machine code to generate a unique registration code.

Where can I find the machine code? If you find the machine code? Please follow our steps together:

Step 1 must be sure you have installed a version of the U disk antivirus experts software portable antivirus (standalone version, U disk version, campus edition, Enterprise Edition), if not installed, please click on the link below to download for free Version: http: //

Step 2 is installed, run U disk antivirus experts, click on the "registered software":

Step 3 Click, the following window will appear:

You can click the "copy machine code" button in the red box to copy, and then right-paste to the corresponding text, or directly copy manually.


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