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How to get U disk antivirus expert suite machine code?

U disk antivirus expert suite can install the software on the U disk and the computer, both can protect your U disk and mobile devices anytime, anywhere, you can always protect your computer, economical, safe and convenient. Buy U disk antivirus expert package version, you need to provide the machine code, in order to generate a registration code to activate the software. How to get it machine code? Next, I will give you a brief introduction: As the Suite Edition includes U disk version and stand-alone version of the two parts, so here usb virus remover will be described separately: U disk antivirus expert U disk version Machine code Obtained: 1. Download the latest version: 2. Directly extract to your U disk (mobile hard disk, etc.), run usbkiller.exe, 3. Select the lower right corner of your computer to open U disk antivirus experts, open Software main interface, select "register software", there will be you use the U disk machine code information! 4. Copy the machine code to the payment window appears, submitted. U disk antivirus expert standalone machine code to get the method 1. Download the latest version: 2. Install Run and open the interface to get the machine code and install the same U disk version, run stand-alone Version, click on the registration software, you can get the machine code, then submit the same machine code on it. U disk antivirus expert stand-alone version and U disk version of the machine code obtained as shown:

Please note: 1. If other versions of U disk antivirus experts are installed on your computer, please portable antivirus quit the other versions of U disk antivirus experts before running your version. 2. Because the registration code is related to the machine code, please unzip to the U disk or computer you want to install. Avoiding decompression to other machines or computers caused by different machine code, registration code registration failed.


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