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How to deal with Autorun virus?

In today's increasingly scientific and technological development, the use of U disk and the computer has become more and more frequent, often have a lot of important documents stored in the computer inside, the computer and U disk provides a great convenience, but also bear The huge risk, once the virus in the U disk, saved in the computer and the U disk inside the files and information on the dangerous, especially new viruses such as Autorun, the computer installed anti-virus software can not handle the Autorun virus. portable antivirus That in the computer or U disk Autorun virus in the how to do? Can not always find someone to help deal with. So it's important to know how to deal with the Autorun virus. Actually dealing with Autorun virus is not a very troublesome thing, specifically for Autorun virus U disk antivirus software has long been available, just download the USBKiller U disk antivirus experts can get Autorun virus. USBKiller U disk antivirus experts installed on the computer, when the U disk connected to the computer, U disk antivirus experts will automatically stop U disk virus into the computer, and can kill 1200 viruses in the computer and U disk. And U disk antivirus experts will also immunize the disk, stop U disk virus such as Autorun running.

If the U disk virus has caused damage to the computer system, U disk antivirus experts also provides a system repair function that can repair the damage caused by the virus infection and incorrect settings to ensure the safety of the usb security antivirus computer.

In fact, the handling of U disk virus and the same treatment of computer viruses, need professional anti-virus software, some common computer anti-virus software does not handle the Autorun virus. If you want to ensure the safety of the computer and U disk, then download a special U disk killing software is necessary, and USBKiller U disk antivirus experts will not take up a lot of computer memory, or install the U disk version, ready to protect U disk from viruses. Previously, the Autorun virus was a very hard-to-handle virus, but with the U disk-killing software, it was no longer difficult to handle the Autorun virus, and USBKiller's powerful anti-virus capability made it easy to handle the Autorun virus.


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