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How to clear the autorun virus?

We often use U disk will find that our U disk will often be a virus, which will destroy our USB drive file, and may infect our computer files, causing heavy losses. Autorun virus is a common U disk virus, how to clear the autorun virus has become our first fight against U disk virus one of the problems.

At present, we mainly used to check the anti-virus software is a variety of anti-virus software. These anti-virus software is mainly for computer disk, because the U disk virus and disk virus particularity, led us to use these anti-virus software on the U disk virus killing effect is not very good, if we want to really do Remove Autorun virus U disk virus, you also need to use a professional U disk virus killing tools Caixing. U disk antivirus experts is a top U disk virus killing software, U disk antivirus experts, we can in-depth killing more than a thousand stubborn U disk virus, but also can be repaired by U disk virus damage to the system. U disc to do killing and system repair in one. When our USB flash drive is running on a computer with a U disk antivirus expert, the U disk antivirus expert will automatically detect whether the USB flash drive contains the usb virus remover threat file and prompts you to clear these threat files and then open the USB flash drive securely so that you can Effectively prevent our U disk virus from infecting our computer.

In addition to completely remove the autorun virus, U disk antivirus experts can also immunize the autorun.inf virus in the specified disk to generate a specified autorun.inf file, and set special properties, so that you can effectively prevent the autorun virus to use this file Hazardous to our documents. In addition to autorun virus, our common U disk virus also has a folder virus, which infect our file, it will hide our original file, and then generate the same name as the executable file, triggering us to click to trigger , Infect our computer. This virus we use the software to clean up will find the original file still can not be displayed, this time we need to repair U disk, U disk antivirus expert repair system features, we can choose to repair can not display the folders and files Option, and then repair, so that you can complete U disk antivirus expert repair. U disk antivirus experts there is an anti-virus software that can be installed on the U disk, with such a U disk antivirus expert U disk portable antivirus version, our U disk no matter what computer can work on the ease of use, Because the U disk to carry a kill U disk software. Do not worry U disk will receive a virus threat. Use U disk antivirus experts, easy removal of autorun virus, to solve a variety of U disk virus to bring us problems, let us U disk to better assist our work and life.


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