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Folder virus completely cleared

Many people who have used U disk know U disk virus easily, and the U disk virus, it is not easy to identify. Many people have a folder virus that hides our folders and generates an identical executable so that we may most likely click to trigger the virus and thus jeopardize our files . U disk for the prevention of the virus, the main method we currently use is to install anti-virus software on your computer, this really can prevent the U disk virus effect. However, because U-disk viruses and ordinary disk-based viruses have such a big difference in the route of transmission, the disk anti-virus software that we commonly use does not play a significant role in preventing USB disk viruses. If we want a good solution to the virus in the U disk, you also need to use a professional U disk virus killing tools to protect our U disk. U disk antivirus experts is a domestic top-level software to check U disk virus killing, use U disk antivirus experts can set U disk killing, system repair in one. In the installation of U disk antivirus expert on the use of U disk, it will automatically detect U disk inside carrying U disk virus. If you have a virus, you will be prompted usb virus remover to clear the virus and then safely open the U disk. This can effectively prevent our U disk from viruses. For our regular folder virus, we will find that often after the anti-virus will find our file is still missing. This time many people think that files have been mistakenly deleted antivirus software, in fact, not the case, our folder is hidden, this time we need to repair the U disk file Caixing, we can use U disk antivirus expert repair system Function, in which we select the need to repair options, such as the choice of repair can not be displayed folders and files, etc., and then click Repair to complete the repair. This fix is ??completed, we can show that the virus was hidden before the folder.

For another common autorun.inf virus, we can use the U disk antivirus experts usb security antivirus on the disk immune, under the specified disk to generate a special attribute autorun.inf folder, which can effectively prevent the autorun.inf virus spread. U disk antivirus experts also provides a U disk version of the anti-virus software, which is an anti-virus software that can be installed on the U disk, so that our U disk to carry a software to kill the U disk, regardless of U disk in what The bad environment, no longer have to worry about U disk will be a virus. U disk antivirus experts, do not worry about folder viruses, autorun virus U disk virus will cause any harm to our U disk. You can easily use the U disk to help us work.


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