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Computer D, E, F disk appeared auto.exe folder, delete appears later, what to do?

When we use the computer, in the D, E, F disk see the auto.exe folder, it reminds you of the autoenable virus. Due to the existence of the Auto.exe virus, it brings a lot of inconvenience to our work and study.

We now take a look at U disk antivirus experts how to remove the auto.exe folder.

1. Double-click to open the U disk antivirus experts on the desktop (official website download address:

2. If your U disk or removable hard disk also auto.exe folder, please portable antivirus insert them into the computer's USB interface. And double-click to open U disk antivirus experts.

usbkiller open the interface

3. Please select the need to scan the object, including a total of memory, local hard disk, removable storage scan three options I suggest that you all choose. Finally click "Start Scanning":

usbkiller start scanning

U disk antivirus expert (USBkiller) is fast scanning, U disk antivirus experts usb security antivirus will automatically find the folder with auto.exe and clear it. And then in the results column which shows the virus-related information.

U disk antivirus experts can easily remove the auto.exe folder, other files can not be deleted or the folder can also use U disk antivirus experts to clear. U disk antivirus experts can not only remove the file can not be deleted, but also killing Trojans and viruses. U disk antivirus experts in your U disk, it will be safe to open the U disk, to avoid the autorun.exe virus.


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