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Autorun.vbs virus appeared on the computer hard disk and U disk, how to kill it?

autorun.vbs virus is a script file that can be run automatically, viruses, Trojans with this attribute, copy yourself autorun.vbs, autorun.vbs autorun, when it is actually running a virus or Trojan. Autorun.vbs virus currently widespread with mobile storage devices, such as the U disk, removable hard disk, etc., when you do not pay attention, your computer may be in the virus.

General anti-virus software is difficult to detect such a virus, killing autorun.vbs virus should usb security antivirus be used autorun.vbs killing tools killing. Several autorun..vbs kill software, I think the best U disk antivirus experts, mainly because it is simple, fast anti-virus, accounting for less system resources.

Below, by the author to introduce U disk antivirus experts to clear the specific method of autorun.vbs it.

1. First download the latest version of autorun.vbs killing tool-U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller), you can download for free on the official website:

2. Put the autorun.vbs virus U disk, mobile hard disk, MP3 and other removable storage devices into the computer, and then open the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller):

3. Select the scan virus, which has a total of memory, local hard drive, removable usb virus remover storage three, preferably selected are selected, and then click on "Start Scanning":

4. After the scan, it will scan the autorun.vbs killing the virus and then results column.

U disk antivirus experts can not only completely kill autorun.vbs virus, you can also detect exe folders and other viruses. At the same time, it can also repair damaged systems and prevent virus intrusion. As a result, U disk antivirus experts give you a double insurance on your computer, easy to protect your computer security.

Learn more about USB Killer here:


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