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Autorun.inf is a virus?Encounter Autorun.inf how to solve it?

Autorun.inf is a virus? First of all, it is very affirmative to everyone that Autorun.inf is a virus, and is a more difficult virus, even if you have never encountered it is also worth attention. Such as restaurant billing software encountered Autorun.inf virus, it is likely to lose all the accounting data, resulting in great losses, then U disk encountered it how to solve it? In order to solve the Autorun.inf virus, we must need a dedicated anti-virus tools, I recommend U disk virus killing tool USBKiller. Download USBKillerU disk version, as long as the software installed in the U disk, U disk can bring any situation anytime, anywhere to solve. So Autorun.inf in the end what kind of virus? In fact, Autorun.inf virus is a new virus, if you use ordinary anti-virus tools to kill, it is simply can not afford to kill, so you still need U disk virus Zhuanshagongju, the following talk about solutions. If you are using the U disk version, so long as the U disk inserted into the computer, do not have to worry usb scanner antivirus Autorun.inf virus will run, u disk antivirus experts will automatically stop its operation.

Open the U disk antivirus experts, select "scan virus", the scanning process is not only a simple scan, it is in the process of scanning the virus files automatically deleted, Autorun.inf virus is no exception, all viruses are Can be completely eliminated.

Autorun.inf virus tend to cause relatively large damage, killing some important files after the virus is also destroyed, but u disk antivirus experts do not have to worry about it, it also has the function of file recovery, repair damaged files, Bring you more convenience. Autorun.inf is a virus? In the middle of it you will solve? In fact, simple, follow these steps, the difficult Autorun.inf virus problem can be easily solved. With u disk antivirus experts, since then all the virus is no usb security antivirus longer a problem, to their u disk and a computer more than a security guarantee.


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