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Anti-virus u disk where you can buy? Effective?

Trojan virus on the Internet has always plagued the public Internet, the most important issue when storing files, especially in the use of u disk and other portable devices, when encountered some difficult to solve the virus often will damage the file And u disk itself. So that users have always wanted to find an anti-virus u disk to help their own file protection, and in the usb scanner antivirus process of virus killing and protection used to most is a tool such as u disk antivirus experts. For a portable storage device such as the u disk, its main feature is the convenience, but in the convenience we also encounter virus interference, especially the plug-in u disk it is easy to be Trojan Interference, this time we need to use anti-virus u disk software to solve. One of the u disk antivirus experts as the most popular software on the market today, what it can do is identify a variety of hidden viruses, find the files hidden by the virus to solve the u disk file is hidden problem; also provides a shortcut Virus kill and intelligent analysis through automated processing. Now u disk virus killing tools have been more people's recognition and support, its development and improvement are gradually making u disk can get a good protection. Anti-virus U disk in the course usb security antivirus of the use of the document once found the property changes, or found in the document abnormal, garbled and other phenomena, you can use the u disk antivirus experts to exclude viruses and killing, at this time if it can be very good Killing, then will protect our important files from being destroyed, but also to better protect the hardware.


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