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360 kill u disk virus know the advantages and disadvantages of how much?


360 anti-virus software has existed for more than 10 years, its reputation in the domestic market and reputation are relatively good. And this is a free anti-virus software, in order to be able to meet the market demand for anti-virus U disk, it also launched a 360 kill u disk virus tools. Just for such a tool, there are certain advantages and disadvantages exist. Let's find out.

360 kill u disk virus software can be said to have usb scanner antivirus entered the market has won many people's favor. It exists even among many safety stewards. But from a technical point of view, although the performance of such engines is relatively good, but the killing rate is relatively low, and there is no special firewall, which means that its defensive ability does not exist, can not completely killing the virus.

Analysis from the advantage point of view, u disk dedicated to kill this anti-virus software anti-virus software can be described as a comprehensive platform, is a lot of features and anti-virus mentioned, and its presented specifically to kill u disk virus tool is in the market Possession of a certain percentage. Just relatively speaking, its antivirus memory occupied by large, but many features are unable to meet user needs. So still can not be compared with the U disk antivirus experts in the official website

U disk antivirus experts is specifically for u disk virus u disk usb virus remover antivirus tools, both the defensive ability or the killing rate is relatively strong. After the u disk antivirus software download, such tools have anti-virus software into the U disk chip. U disk virus protection box once connected to use, it will open all automatic scanning program to enhance the U disk virus scanning, let off any trace possible. Therefore, such tools to meet the anti-virus market demand for the moment, many consumers become the "antivirus new favorite."


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