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Customers Testimonials


"The quality of the product is awesome. We really like the protection for the end user, such as antivirus. We want to do anything we can for the convenience of the customer, and USB Drive Antivirus lets us automatically do that because protection of the customer is paramount in the software."
- Stehpen, Munich

"USB Drive Antivirus works beautifully and couldn't be easier to install!! Thanks;"
- Theresa Barry, Philadelphia

"Just wanted you guys to know, you have a most effective product. I have recommended your software to at least 8 people in the last 3 weeks. Why we aren't using this product in our Public School systems more I don't know."
- Thomas Farrington, Vancouver

"A great experience and a super model of efficiency and quality. It is one of the most useful programs i have purchased and highly recommendable!"
- Graham Fuller, Perth

"I am a computer network admin I just wanted to comment on how awesome this product is. I did my homework for a few days on a good product to prevent virus attach. USB Drive Antivirus uses low resources and is easy and effective to use. I recommend this over Symantec (Norton), Mccafee, Pccillian. It is easy effective and catches everything. Thank You for a good product."
- Mark Pochaw, Darwin

"I thought it was too good to be true and there had to be some catch with all the features that USB Drive Antivirus has to offer. USB Drive Antivirus is very easy to use, and I've been very happy with it."
- Gene DePoris, Oslo

"An excellent software which has certainly helped me in the maintenance of workstations."
- Gaye McKenney, Maryland

"USB Drive Antivirus is working beautifully for us. In fact, it works so well that we tend to forget about it. Thanks. It is not often that I work with software that does exactly what it promises."
- Margarita Crutchley, Burlington

"The product is working well. Wish we had it years ago."
- Frank Colin, Austin

"Everything is working great. Love USB Drive Antivirus! Absolutely love it. I have no complaints."
- Teddy Albert, Reno

"What a fantastic product it is. It is the only software product I know of which you can set it and forget it. Magic!"
- Dolly Reynolds, Miami

"The software exceeded my expectations. It was extremely helpful and useful."
- Emily Goodman, Sacramento

"I like this program. USB viruses are widely spread and it helps me a lot."
- johnfeirl


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